Things You Only Know If You’re A Model Scout

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‘Plus size’ starts at 10 (seriously)

‘Personally, I prefer to use the word “curve” because I think it’s prettier. It is ridiculous that we call sizes 10 to 14 “plus size”, because they’re not. But in this industry we need these terms; otherwise how will I know what the client wants – what sizes their samples are, whether they want a commercial girl or not? It’s our industry and we should be allowed to use our own terms.’

Scouts don’t go to many fashion shows

‘We’re normally so busy during London Fashion Week that we don’t get to go to the shows. I’ll be in the office working until 2am, so I usually end up watching the live streams instead. Occasionally I go to a fashiony party, but to be quite honest, I’m so tired that I normally go home. It’s not so glamorous!’

Burberry is the hardest show to get into at London Fashion Week

‘I’ve had models in the show and I’ve still never been. I would love to go: it’s the elite of the elite. It’s a classic British brand that has a real buzz about it – and they always have someone amazing performing.’

The best way to get scouted: be young

‘I love scouting – it’s a really fun part of my job as a model agency manager. We usually go somewhere there are lots of students, like the queue for a One Direction concert, or shopping centres and sporting events. I was scouting with one of my colleagues at an Arsenal game and saw this really interesting boy, so I ran through the crowd towards him and I thought his dad was going to punch me. I’m not scouting football hooligans again!’

London Fashion Week runs February 17-21.

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Things you only know if you’re a model scout
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