Pokemon GO Update Out Now, Adds Over 80 New Pokemon

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Niantic’s next big update for Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS. This update adds a ton of new content over to the mobile game including over 80 new Generation 2 Pokemon.

These Pokemon can be found in Johto region and some of them have gender-specific variations. New encounter mechanics (like Poke Ball and Berry selection carousels in the encounter screen), two new Berries, a new avatar outfit and accessory options, a new night-mode map and encounter music and much more.

Niantic has also improved connection stability for Apple Watch and issued various bug fixes and text fixes. Because it wouldn’t be an update without some fixes to the text as the meme goes.

What are your thoughts on the latest update for Pokemon GO, which is arguably its biggest since the app launched in July 2016? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information on future updates.

Source : http://gamingbolt.com/pokemon-go-update-out-now-adds-over-80-new-pokemon

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