Pokémon Go Players Are Already Asking For Gen Three

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The >Pokémon Go community is best defined by two things: its eternal dissatisfaction with the blockbuster mobile game, and its appreciation for a good joke. Following this week’s mega update, which adds 80 new Pokémon into the mix, players have pelted the game’s developer with a humorous request that highlights that latter trait.

Although Pokémon Go is only now getting the bulk of the second Pokémon generation, players are already asking for even more new Pokémon. A common refrain on Pokémon Go’s and the series’ social media accounts is now “gen 3” — as in, add in the third generation monsters already.

@PokemonGoApp gen 3 or riot

— JordanGPG Pokèmon GO (@gormanboii) February 16, 2017

Source : http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/16/14638944/pokemon-go-gen-three

Pokémon Go players are already asking for gen three
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