Niantic Shocked The Pokémon GO Community

Niantic Shocked The Pokémon GO Community

Game Columnist Paul Tassi published an article on the Pokemon GO’s Gen 2 update

Niantic shocked the Pokémon GO community yesterday when it was revealed that after months of leaks and rumors, Gold and Silver Gen 2 were coming to the game by the end of the week. While we don’t know exactly when they will make their debut (signs point to the 17th or 18th), it helps to be prepared before it arrives.


For dedicated players who want to make the most out of the Gen 2 expansion right away, I’ve compiled a few ideas of how to do that. Some may be common sense, others not as much. Given that less people played Gold and Silver than Red and Blue, and way more people play GO than have ever played any of the handheld Pokémon games, there might be a few things to learn.

Here are some ways to get prepared for Gen 2’s arrival, both resource and strategy-wise.

Save Your Poké Balls And Items

This may be sort of a weird piece of advice, but honestly, one of the best things you might want to do, depending on your current inventory situation, is to play very little of the game over the next day or two, because every Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Berry, Lure or Incense you use could be used instead when Gen 2 comes out which will likely produce better rewards. Yes, you may want to play to stockpile certain candy for evolutions (I’ll get to that in a second), but for the most part, if you’re not drowning in items, it’s going to be better to use as little as you can for the catch-fest that’s about to take place with 80 new Pokémon in the wild.

Photo: Nintendo

(Photo: Nintendo)

Stockpile Candy For Specific Gen 2 Evolutions

This one is relatively straightforward. While I’m not positive that Niantic can’t change existing eggs into new kinds, chances are that the current eggs you have will not be able to hatch Gen 2 Pokémon. As such, you should burn through all of them as soon as you’re able, and not pick up any more from PokéStops until Gen 2 launches. I mean, it’s up to you of course, but if not, you might be stuck with a number of Gen 1 eggs that are probably not going to hatch anything super cool, so save yourself some time and kilometers and just wait a few days to get some new eggs lined up.

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