How A Libertarian Jerk Ruined Another Libertarian’s Career

How A Libertarian Jerk Ruined Another Libertarian’s Career

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Left Libertarian. Right Libertarian. Minarchist. Anarchist (Anarcho Capitalists, not the ANTIFA commies). The Libertarian Party is exceptionally tribal, all of these terms describe different Libertarians.

Often times according to people of one tribe, none of the others are actually Libertarian. The saying often goes, “You know you’re a Libertarian when a Libertarian tells you you’re not a Libertarian.” Hell, if a Libertarian hasn’t told you “You’re not a Libertarian” today, then you actually might not be one. It may seem confusing to a non Libertarian reading this, but if you’re Libertarian, you’re probably nodding.

Libertarians agree on restraining government. Minarchists believe in a very restrained government. Anarchists believe in restraining government all the way to abolition. The Libertarian Party is a useful vehicle for all of these tribes. But we use our vehicles like bumper cars, running into each other rather than moving forward.

And sometimes we don’t just bump into each other. We try to destroy each other.

The Dallas Morning News just broke a story about teacher

Resa Woodward of Balch Springs Middle School who was fired for her past appearances in adult films. The Dallas Morning News reports:

“Woodward said she wrote in a Facebook post last fall that she had to call police on a drunken driver while traveling. A man claiming he was associated with the Libertarian Party in another state became upset with that post because of his attitude toward police, she said. He then detailed her past on social media.”

While it’s breaking news to the public, I’ve been personally familiar with the situation for months. Here is what you need to know:

Woodward had posted on Social Media that she called the police on someone who she suspected was driving drunk. Drunk driving is a polarizing issue within the Libertarian Party. Some Libertarians believe a crime has not been committed until you plow into a family of a four. Other Libertarians recognize a clear and present danger in noticeably dangerous drunk driving, and liken it to shooting a gun in the air in a city. Some believe that it’s not a problem unless a bullet falls back down on someone, while others believe firing a gun in the air in the city is a clear and present danger that must be dealt with. Based on my description, I’m sure you can tell where my bias lies on this issue. I won’t apologize for it either.

Danny Javier Blodgett (who commonly goes by Danny Javier), an Anarchist who disagreed with Resa for calling the police on someone who was driving dangerously and took it upon himself to ruin her career. It’s odd to say the least when an anarchist behaves like a Liberal Democrat. This sort of thing is their M.O. on Twitter. Hell, Anarchists joke about throwing people like this out of helicopters.

Danny Javier is a member of Anarchy Roundtable as seen on this Podcast from Liberty Hangout promoting a group called The Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition.

Through an activity known as Doxxing, he managed to dredge up her past and made it public on Social Media. The school board was already aware of her past, and after an investigation allowed her to keep her job so long as it never went public. Danny Javier made it public. Resa, being the ethical person she is, immediately went to the school board to report the incident. A new investigation opened up and she was placed on Administrative Leave. The investigation is still reported as being ongoing, but she has already been terminated.

Some may say that Danny Javier was not privy to those details. Indeed, he likely wasn’t. However one does not take such an action out of benevolence. Danny Javier was well aware he had set out to ruin somebody. While he may not have ever imagined how far he would have ruined them, that absolves him of nothing. The intent was to ruin, and he is responsible for the extent it went to.


When Woodward was younger, she was in a situation of duress. She was in an abusive relationship, finances were thin, and she was coerced by the man who she was with to act in these films. Having only the options of a roof over her head or the street, she chose the roof… and all of the strings that came with it from her abuser.

Some may ask, “Why didn’t she just leave” while sitting in their comfortable homes. What they’re really asking is, “Why didn’t she jump out of the frying pan into the fire?” It’s hard to break free from abuse when you don’t have anything else to fall back on. But she eventually did it. She escaped her abuser. She escaped that life. She went to school. She got her Masters Degree. She was halfway through a Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership. She states she had planned her dissertation research within the school setting. She was an award winning teacher, earning Exemplary Distinguished Teacher status. Her record as a teacher was pristine, and she still had high aims in her career she was working towards.

And now, she’s a victim of the fact she was a victim 16 years ago. Her entire career and everything she worked for went up in smoke. Why? Because Danny Javier made a conscious decision to dox her and cause harm.

For those of us without short term memory problems, we may recollect an event where a member of the Libertarian Party did something similar to our Chairman. The backlash was swift from the Libertarian Community. Many who were close with this member before disassociated from him after attacking the Chairman. There was even talk about censuring him. This is no different.

Resa has actively worked hard as a coordinator for the Libertarian Party in Texas. She has compiled lists of potential Libertarian candidates and paired them with mentors. She’s actively assisting potential candidates with making runs for local office. Danny Javier has a small time YouTube Anarchy Roundtable show which is hardly ever viewed. Resa has clearly done more for the Libertarian Party than he ever has, and he destroyed her life over his alternative definition of Libertarianism. He fails at promoting freedom, so he destroys people who succeed.

It’s time to disassociate from Danny Javier, just like people disassociated from the individual who went after our Chairman. He can YouTube himself all he wants. Nobody’s watching anyway.


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