5 Things To Try When Meditation Doesn’t Work For You

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Some people, like Arianna Huffington and >some of the successful women we’ve interviewed, treat meditation like the rest of us treat our morning coffee. They just can’t get things done without it, they can’t get into the zone and tick off all their to-dos unless they’ve done ten minutes of guided meditation.

But for others, it’s even more difficult to get into the zone. To shut off your thoughts, take a deep breath and visualize. If meditation isn’t for you, there are a few things you can try to still get that space.

#1 Don’t give up

So you tried meditation and it wasn’t for you. It’s still a powerful tool to >fight stress and anxiety, visualize your day and be more productive, maybe you just didn’t try the right kind of meditation. Experiment with different kinds, you can even buy a mindfulness coloring book and busy yourself with coloring something in to train your brain to focus on something else. You’ll find >the peace of mind really refreshing and energizing.

#2 Try an app

We made >a list of meditation apps for this purpose entirely. Sometimes doing guided meditation or following YouTube videos just doesn’t work, some of us need a more scientific approach, and it’s not counter-productive to use your phone for this, as long as you’ve got the right app. Sometimes it’s a case of feeling a little self-conscious, the right app will make you feel assured and confident while you meditate, not insecure!

#3 Join a group

You can even try joining a meditation or yoga group to get some head space if meditating alone didn’t work for you, doing it in a room full of people might inspire you to find inner peace. Look for meetups in your local area and try it, you never know what will happen.

#4 Go on vacation

Ok, hear me out, if you’re struggling to find peace of mind, save your meditation explorations until your next vacation. There’s nothing more peaceful than lying in the sunshine, listening to the birds, hearing the waves, and cooling off in the pool. Maybe you need a change of location to access your calm, stress-free potential. Have I made you want to book a holiday right now? Join the club. Check out our healthy vacation destinations list >here.

#5 Keep it short and sweet

If a full ten-minute meditation session ends with you mentally compiling a shopping list or wondering whether you have enough black clothes to put a wash on, you need to chill and shorten your meditation sessions.

Accept that your mind is getting distracted and do shorter bursts of meditation throughout the day, three or four moments of distraction-free thought can help you banish stress, anxiety, and improve your overall health.


What habit do you think you need to break to increase your productivity?

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5 Things To Try When Meditation Doesn’t Work For You
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