10 Things Committed Couples Do To Make Their Relationships Work

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You’re walking down the street minding your own business and suddenly something catches your eye. It’s not a bird, a plane, and it’s not even Superman. It’s a happy couple. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and appear to have been together for a while. You start to wonder, “just how do committed couples make their relationships last?”

They keep date night alive

Don’t just date them until you’ve achieved the relationship status with them. They’re not a prize or that good grade that you’ve worked so hard for that you just stick on your fridge when achieved. Continue dating even after you’ve committed to each other. Go out for a nice dinner every once in a while. Keep it sweet all the time not just when you have your eyes on them.



They’re intimate

This doesn’t just mean they’re great in bed, because intimacy is versatile. Yes, it has it’s physical aspects and it has it’s emotional ones as well. While it is important to keep the passion thriving, it’s equally important to keep each other emotionally satisfied.

They live a little

According to Dr. Goldsmith of Psychology today, “couples who share new experiences together develop a stronger bond”, so get out there and shake things up a little—or a lot— whatever works for you both.

How was your day?

Now I’m no relationship expert here, but if i were currently in a relationship I would love it if my partner asked me how my day went and i would love to do the same for them. It simply shows that you are interested.

Bask in each others glory

Whenever one of you reaches success, celebrate each other. Remind each other that you care about their goals and accomplishments.

They argue smart

Disagreements are inescapable, which means it will arise even between two people who are seriously invested in each other. The key is to fight skillfully. Don’t argue to try and bring each other down, do it in a way that will strengthen the relationship.

They don’t abandon each other

Speaking of disagreements, successful couples don’t leave each other high and dry. “Through thick and thin” doesn’t just apply to those who are married, it applies to everyone. Why? Because every relationship has its ups and downs, and working through it rather than leaving as soon as things get a little shaky is one of the things to practice when trying to cultivate a lasting relationship.

They practice what they seek

When looking for that successful relationship don’t just look for the right person, be the right person. If you want that person to stick around, make sure you are doing what it takes to make them stay.

They’ve hijacked the fairytale

No relationship is perfect and those dreamy expectations aren’t always achievable. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve, but try to let go of the fantasies of how you imagined things to be and just let things flow.

They’re welcoming to their partner’s families

Be kind and engaging with each other’s families, especially if your partner is close to their family members. Show that you care about what they’re a part of and where they came from.

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